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For example the rhetoric that most whites are racists but blacks are not while black gangs beat white people in many cities in this nation.Or the lie that everyone wealthy got their money at the expense of others.Have you noticed that deception has become an epidemic in America?Deception is the rule of the day and most people buy into the deception because they can no longer discern truth from lies or they actually want to believer liars.No wonder that people in business don’t want to hire anyone.

Them with previous partners who were good looking and have their photos on internet dating sites.

The other night I was wandering around the streets of Alicante (a medium-sized town on the Mediterranean coast south of Valencia). on a Sunday night, yet the squares were crowded with hundreds and hundreds of people, including young children, college students, and elderly couples, most sitting in large groups outside bars, sipping beverages, munching on tapas, and watching a soccer match.

I enclose two pictures I took in the same square in Salamanca, once in the afternoon, then again at night (notice there are lots of people at both times).

Young-earth scientists, met to discuss the value of your webcam and make sure it’s in the right.

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