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We both know it is this subject which Hamilton is so cautious about; understandably so. Anthony has not spoken about this period in his life before. “Again that was about growing up; about Lewis making his own decisions. “Anyway, fortunately I don’t get involved in any of that any more. What I can say is that Lewis has been one of the greatest sons a parent could ever ask for and Nicole is a really, really great girl. I knew it had got to the point where he had his life the way he wanted it; the world title, his own girlfriend, his own money. I didn’t want to leave when things were going badly. “What I’m trying to say is that when 2010 happened it was a good thing for both of us.

Their split 12 months ago after nearly 20 years as driver-manager was a uniquely painful episode in both their lives. In fact, this is his first interview since the split with Lewis. I had spent nearly 18 years trying to make sure that Lewis didn’t lose his big opportunity. She is good for him.” Does he worry Lewis will be seduced by Hollywood and lose his focus? But responsibly.” Amid all the soul-searching, Anthony does own up to one regret; that he did not quit as manager straight after Lewis won his title in 2008. I’m trying to take life a little easier now.” That is a relative term for someone with a work ethic as deeply ingrained as Anthony Hamilton. Our chat is extended because he keeps dashing off to speak to potential sponsors for one of his drivers, Luciano Bacheta, for whom he is trying to secure a drive in German touring cars.

Aside from Grammy winner Hamilton appearing on the Feb.

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In 1995, his debut album was on preparation to be released but the company went bankrupt and left the album in the shelves.

Tinashe - Just Say [ CLICK HERE ] Anthony Hamilton - Love Is An Angry Thing [ CLICK HERE ] Kyle Mc Neill - Suzanne [ CLICK HERE ] Arizona - I Was Wrong (Robin Schulz Remix) [ CLICK HERE ] JP Cooper feat.

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Hamilton's appearance on the Valentine's Day episode (Monday, February 13) will mark the sixth installment of the series where hosts confess wild, and often failed, romantic experiences ranging from "I Dated A Conspiracy Theorist" to "Cyberstalking Your Ex." Chaos and loads of dating advice--the good, the bad and the ugly--ensues.

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