Updating mont warrning attempt to net add domain

DNS Resolution may take from 0.5 to 4 seconds, and during this time your script is NOT being executed.

Your customers may think that the server is slow, but actually it is just waiting for the DNS resolution response. They are made to replace gethostbyname[l], in a way that if $try_a is true, if it fails to get AAAA records it will fall back on trying to get A records.

Some times we may want to add new users from command line instead of using the UI.

For example, if we have to add some 100 users, using a script will save lot of time and manual effort.

We first need to create a user account and then add the user to the administrators group.

and we have connected the client system with the firewall we allowed any to any option in firewall, I am able to ping by public server.

In Enduser Panel, Click on Add Domain as you can see in screenshot.

For more information, please refer to virt-inspector can't obtain info from rhel7.3 guest image on rhel6.9 host.

Unfortunately, libguestfs developers say that this bug cannot be resolved.

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