Updating kitchen cabinets with crown molding

Whether you've chosen angled, mitered moldings or a basic, flat frame for the door fronts, upgrade them with detailed moldings.Details such as braids, rectangular dentils or bands of olive leaves add an elegant touch to your handiwork.Definitely an improvement but still lacking the character I was going for.The more I looked at the scalloped piece above the sink, the more I disliked it.

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Have a look below where we have some before and after pictures and all the supplies and tools you need to do this yourself! Next, nail the wood structure pieces into place on the cabinets.However, the cabinet tops are flush with the ceiling - and we have heard that you are never supposed to nail the moulding to the face of the cabinets. If your cabinet features a full overlay door, use of molding support strip is required.Check out page 5 (Step #11) of this CABINETRY INSTALLATION MANUAL for installation help.Hello, We are desperately looking for inexpensive ways to update the honey oak cabinets in our kitchen.One thing we might want to do is install crown moulding at the tops of the cabinents. Hello sblanco and thank you for joining The Community! You mention that the cabinet tops are flush with the ceiling and you want to install crown moulding at the top. If your cabinet has a standard overlay door, molding may be attached directly to the cabinet face frame with finish nails or a pin gun.

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