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The actress posted pictures online showing injuries, cuts and bruises to her face and arm.

She said she went to city police headquarters in Casablanca, but the officers laughed at her words about the attack and refused to take a victim statement.

It's a far cry from your regular Saturday night in Dublin, but a welcome relief from our routine excesses of parties, pubs and supermarket trollies.

I'm standing barefoot on a beach in Morocco in warrior pose, breathing in, breathing out.

“Finally, Abidal, someone beat you up,” an officer allegedly told her.

Lubna said that hospital workers also refused to help her, in addition to insulting and humiliating her.

Surf Maroc () offer similar packages to Taghazout all year round.

Of course, whoever killed the officers deserves to be punished but the ones that were arrested, were arrested because of their political activities fighting for the independence of Western Sahara from Morocco’s brutal occupation.In what is sure to be a controversial move, President-elect Barack Obama has indicated to his inner circle of advisors that he and his wife may have sex in the White House sometime during the four years of his first term in office."He's not saying they definitely will have sex," said an Obama confidante who declined to be named, "But he's not ruling it out. "From what I understand, it's a bit like the Vulcan mating ritual, the ," said outgoing Democratic Party Chair Howard Dean.The reproductive season, evaluated from a gonadosomatic index, extended from May to September.Fifty per cent maturity of the tested sample was reached at a total length of 14.4 cm TL for females and 15.1 cm TL for males.

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