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I’m never sure if I should give a grade for the collection as a whole, even if some of the stories didn’t grab me, or if I should grade the story that rocked my world and mention the others. I set timers so I could read another page or two without burning dinner.Anthologies are awesome – I love novellas and short stories – but also tricky. by Alyssa Cole is the reason you should buy this anthology. I don’t want to skip over the other stories entirely, though I don’t have as much to say as I do for Juneteenth is celebrated annually in communities today, though not all states recognize it as an official day of observance.One of them, “The Santaland Diaries,” chronicles his time as an elf at Macy’s, including the hazards of interelf relationships — they can’t date!His work is dark and playful, an irresistible combination.Because of that lack of development in their relationship, when their relationship moved to a physical level, I was surprised – I didn’t think they had enough of a connection between them.The sex scene seemed sudden and out of place to me.

” Nevertheless, the comedy writer recalls, by Christmas morning, there’d be a pile of presents . But this actually is fun, a beautiful story of an oddball relationship, like a child’s version of “Harold and Maude.” Buddy and Sook are kindred spirits, and even a marathon session of making fruitcakes together becomes a beautiful adventure.

I’ll be grading each story individually, then averaging them for the final anthology grade at the end. There was a lot of telling, and the telling didn’t grab me at all.

It’s the year 1866—the Civil War is over and slavery has ended. Plus, lines of dialogue were frequently followed by a few sentences of exposition that interrupted more than supported the conversation.

Ordinarily, I'd prefer to write about a good film, something I can gladly recommend to other women-but I found this movie so incredibly bad that I decided to review it more as a public service than anything else.

Ostensibly 'based on a true story' and described by Netflix as 'in the style of 'Heavenly Creatures' this straight-to-video disaster is distributed by Maverick Entertainment, a company that deals in soft-core pornography.

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