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Grammar games come in many forms, but they all have this single aim at their heart, to repeatedly and accurately use or manipulate language structures to achieve a specific aim.10 outdoor activities Why suffer in a boiling hot classroom trying to motivate sleepy students who only have ice cream on their mind?Here are some ideas for activities which you can do outside.This plurality of meaning is characteristic of the present time and is the source of confusions in the discussion of grammar as part of the education of children.There have been taking place violent disputes on the subject of teaching grammar at school.A specification is given for each game, describing its level, materials needed, grammar points practised and time required. Grammar Games enables teachers to integrate grammar practice into their classes in novel and motivating ways: humanistic and affective approaches involve students in thinking and action; games use either simple materials like dice and pencil-and-paper, or provide materials which can be copied; written by a well-known, active EFL teacher and writer; all games have been thoroughly tested in class; range of levels from beginner upwards; variety of different games: competitive games, collaborative games, awareness activities, grammar through drama, and a miscellany. While there are a number of different types of grammar games that can be played to help improve a person’s grammar skills, most games are either physical or digital.

Attention is drawn to the correct pronunciation of the sentence pattern as a sense unit, as a statement (sounds, stress, and melody). Pupils substitute the words or phrases in a sentence pattern. We have examined two kinds of grammar skills: the reproductive and receptive grammar skills. English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy The book is intended for students of intermediate level. Active voice, Passive voice, Future forms and Past continuous.

Crosswords Crosswords can be used to test your students’ knowledge of verb forms.

Describe the (imaginary) picture In this challenging activity aimed at more advanced ESL classes, students must describe a picture to their classmates.

Grammar Games This is a resource book for teachers containing material for a wide variety of games which can be played in the English language classroom.

Each game focusses on one or more points of English grammar.

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