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with interiority, which I define as thoughts, feelings, reactions.Emotions are a big part of getting to know a character.This is some serious power and I've gotta say I'm a little reticent to let you have it because this is one of my specialty areas with women.

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It’s up to you to start harnessing the amazing power of anticipation.It’s an altogether different thrill when the first door they open is the one hiding the killer.It works, and it’s shocking, but the build-up is missing. (insert specific fear here)” and “If X doesn’t happen, then I’m afraid of Y” or “I can’t imagine my life without a successful outcome here.” “Nervous” is a blunt instrument.Have you ever wondered about what exactly makes a woman attracted to a guy?What is that intangible sexual vibe you have with a woman when you KNOW it's going to lead to much, much more?

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