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Sister , DO, an osteopathic family physician certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, is helping raise awareness of this growing problem and how to treat it at the American Osteopathic Association's OMED 2014, the Osteopathic Medical Conference & Exposition in ."Internet pornography addiction can develop even more easily than a drug or alcohol addiction because it engages the most sensitive sense we have, our eyes; and it's readily available in unlimited quantities.Both criminal justice and clinical data suggest there have been steady increases in the number of cases prosecuted and, subsequently, the number of clinical referrals for these behaviors.[i] A primary concern for professionals who evaluate and treat Internet-facilitated sexual offenders is the risk these individuals may pose for direct contact offenses with victim(s) or future Internet-facilitated sexual offenses such as accessing and/or distributing child pornography. Accurate risk assessment is critical to decisions involving prioritizing cases by law enforcement and making appropriate recommendations for sentencing, treatment, and level of supervision. §§1589-1590 make it illegal to knowingly provide or obtain the labor of a person by certain means, such as force or threats of force, or to traffic a person for labor or services by means of force, coercion, or fraud for the purpose of subjecting the person to slavery, involuntary servitude, debt bondage, or peonage.A scan of recent legal cases involving human trafficking and online technologies provides insights regarding details about the uses of technology by traffickers. The following is based on a self-selected sample of 27 federal trafficking cases since 2009 involving the use of social networking sites or online classified advertisements to facilitate trafficking. §§ 1590-1591—produced examples illustrating the use of the Internet to facilitate trafficking.

Adopted by the ATSA Executive Board of Directors on September 7, 2010 There has been increasing public and professional attention paid to Internet-facilitated sexual offending in recent years. Research suggests that victims often are recruited from impoverished regions and typically learn about opportunities via word of mouth./PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- With Internet usage skyrocketing to three billion users worldwide this year—nearly 40% of the world population from 1% in 1995—mental health professionals are struggling with an issue that has risen just as quickly: Internet pornography addiction, one of the most common addictions today.The list, collated by Kelly Wallace with the help of Internet safety expert Katie Greer, also contains slang such as '420' for 'marijuana', 'POS' for 'parent over shoulder' and the phrase every parent dreads their teenager reading '(L)MIRL' for 'let's meet in real life'.Renowned parenting expert and author of Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting, Noël Janis-Norton, believes it's useful to have a good understanding of your child's online language but warns, 'Teens will always stay one step ahead'.

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